At C.S.English Public School Deori we believe that education for the 21st Century must be both broader and bolder. A modern school needs to do much more than ensuring good marks on a sheet, which is the minimum responsibility of a school. A good education must produce much more: a good human being with a broad range of capabilities. Our philosophy of education says that education should develop all the required life skills in a child till the age he/she grows adult.

We believe that education should be for learning not for scoring marks or grades only. We should impart quality education which brings creativity and skills in a child entity. A C.S. English Public School education takes into account the three realities of a human being: material, human, and divine. In turn, CSEPS education is based on four building blocks, developing in children Universal Values, Global Understanding, a Spirit of Service to the World, and an attitude of Excellence in All Things.